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Christi J. Hay-Roe

Christi J. Hay-Roe

Do you want to experience a true adventure in your walk with God? Christi's book is loaded with personal stories and examples of how the Holy Spirit speaks to us today. If your desire is to go deeper with God, then this book will take you on an adventure that you will never look back from. This book will both encourage and inspire you.

Christi shares incredible real life events in her life that hold surprises, lessons, tears, and laughter. Who doesn't love a short story that has embedded gems you can relate to or apply to your own life? She takes you on short little journeys, that much like herself at the time, you're not sure where the story will end. Each bite size chapter is thought provoking and causes you to look for all the ways God will speak directly to you on so many levels. Christi sets a banqueting table of ways to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will be inspired!





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