About the Artist

Throughout the years, my style has evolved. Whereas in the past, intricate detail and color layering had been my primary focus, I had a desire to create art that conveyed joy and lightness, while still capturing the essence of the story. As I embarked on my journey of illustrating a children's book, a new chapter of my life opened up, allowing me to incorporate a new style into my portfolio. The simplicity of these paintings has brought joy to many.

My goal is to bring life and joy to what I paint, and to ensure that it captures the
hearts of all who view it. I believe that all of us are blessed with gifts and talents, regardless of our form, and that the Lord is always eager to see how we use those gifts to our advantage.
When we are captivated by a piece of art, we often feel a stirring in our hearts. We may attempt to rationalize our feelings, asking ourselves, "Why am I so affected?" However, for some reason, we experience a profound emotional response that cannot be described in words. It is a phenomenon of magnetism. 
As we progress or walk leisurely, our recollection of this brief yet powerful emotional connection may fade. However, it  is possible that a different outlook on life has already entered our hearts, altering our perspective.