We have all heard of a tote bag and its use in one way or another.  Its uses are immeasurable and come in many sizes.  But have you ever thought of the origin of the tote bag and why it is called a tote bag.  I have discovered 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tote, like: transport, carry, take, haul, convey, lug, tote-bag, bear, schlep, over and carryall.

So, let's take, for example, the word "schlep"!  A funny sounding word but its meaning is, "to haul or carry (something heavy or awkward) or in noun form it is "a tedious or difficult journey".  

AHH! Tote bags.  Such a wonderful invention.  Someone out there knew that there would be those of us who would need a sturdy kind of bag to carry those heavy and awkward things.   We know what kind of things I am talking about. 'Those things that "may" be one of a kind, or those 'its such a great sale thing' that we just can't live without.   

Making sure we have our trusty tote bags with us every where we go is our way of staying prepared, "just in case".  The wonderful adventure begins.  Maybe we have packed the kid's school things or we find that special place that has a good sale then on to the farmer's market.  It doesn't matter what or where we are we just keep stuffing our tote bag with things.  Most of the time it is stuffed so full that the stuff is causing it to bloat to extra ordinary proportions.  Listen!  We can almost hear the canvas threads yelling at us, saying "STOP I can't take anymore.  Look, my seams are about to pop".  Yet, we know deep in our heart of reasoning we can certainly wiggle one more small thing inside the already over stuffed tote bag. 

Now, we say, "the shopping journey is over".   BUT WAIT!!!  There's more!  I need to get this home.  So, we "schlep" the bag to the car dragging in on the ground. then 'schlep the bag out of the car, our arms are almost pulled out of their sockets, we drag it with all our might.  Now and finally into the house, and one more 'schlep" we have put it on the counter.  Exhausted, we plop down in the chair, prop up our weary feet, take a deep breath and this thought, out of the blue, rushes into our brains, "I could have bought 2 tote bags!"


Remember to be kind to one another and smile.



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This bag is beautiful!!

Sharon Boucher

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